What’s in your cat’s mouth?

Did you know 70 percent of cats over the age of 4 have dental disease? That’s why it’s so important for your pet to receive proper dental care. Learn about these different types of dental diseases so you can understand your cat’s pain.

1 Stomatitis

inside cats mouth  cats teeth

Stomatitis is a chronic, painful condition most often seen in cats and is defined as inflammation of the oral mucosa. The inflamed tissue may appear bright red and swollen with a cobblestone or raspberry-like texture, and will bleed easily.

2 Tooth Resorption

cat tooth resorption

Periodontal disease is a progressive disease that causes inflammation of the gums and a loss of bone and soft tissue around the teeth. This
is an example of grade 4 periodontal disease, which is the most severe form of the disease. There’s enough soft tissue loss in this example that both roots are exposed on the tooth.

3 Periodontal Disease

cats mouth and teeth with periodontal disease

Tooth resorption is a progressive disease that can be very painful. The resorption begins with the breakdown of the bony substance that covers the root of the tooth and will continue to break down the layers of the tooth, exposing the pulp chamber, nerves, and blood vessels.

Photos courtesy of Paul Camilo, CVPM, operating partner for Veterinary Consultation Services in Weston, Fla.

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